Sleep in the City – a collaborative artwork

Smart Aarhus are happy to announce that we are in a collaborative process with the artists Virgile Novarina and Walid Breidi for the creation of an original artwork performance during the June 2019 IOT Festival (Internet of Things) week in Aarhus.

Walid and Virgile wish to create a dream-like atmosphere in the city at night by projecting videos of the city taken during the day but recreated in real time by people’s sleep brainwaves using the internet and smart city data.  

The components of this participative artwork are interactive video clips, sleep data from a number of “smart” sleepers including that of the sleep artist Virgile Novarina, open city data, and network, making it possible to combine all these element into the culminating performance-artwork called “Sleep in the City".

The artists wish to invite the public to reflect upon the importance of sleep in urban life and the role of internet in their lives.


Use the interactive map to find your favourite spots of Aarhus. Read more in the sidebar menu-link "Participate" to find out how your favourite spot can be a part of the artwork.


Aarhus Waterfront at night

Aarhus City Lab