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Open Data DK

A portal with open data

Providing open access to the large amount of data from public institutions, educational institutions, and companies is a cornerstone of creating a Smart City. Open Data Aarhus (ODAA) is an online platform that promotes democracy, transparency, and economic growth through open data. The platform gives all interested stakeholders access to data that they can use to create services and initiatives that meet the needs of the citizens, and from which companies and entrepreneurs can find inspiration and even a base for new business.

In many cases the data can be used as raw material for developing digital services on many topics including traffic, recreational areas, recycling, health, sports, and much more. ODAA is based on the involvement of stakeholders; citizens, students, researchers as well as companies, e.g. via the Working Group with members from Aarhus Municipality, The Central Denmark Region, Aarhus University, as well as private companies such as The Alexandra Institute, IBM, and Creuna.

The launch of the platform took place in 2013 as the first Open Data portal in Denmark, and today ODAA is a core project in the Smart Aarhus initiative. In addition to collecting more relevant data sets, ODAA is currently working on creating standards as well as making it as easy and as safe as possible to use the data.

Open Data Denmark 
In collaboration with The Central Denmark Region, ODAA is initiator on the Open Data Denmark network, which strives to offer aligned open data initiatives and services to the stakeholders. As a community-based collaboration between the largest cities in the country and Central Denmark Region, Open Data Denmark promotes open data interests on the national agenda meanwhile working for a common platform for the use of open data that can spread across the country. The intention is to make it easier for smaller municipalities to get started on working with open data. ODAA has recently joined the international collaboration Open & Agile Smart Cities that focuses on creating common open standards for releasing data. This was initiated by Smart Aarhus. 34 of 98 municipalities participate in the initiative and still more are following.