Aarhus City Lab

Aarhus City Lab

A test site for digital urban development

The purpose of the Aarhus City Lab is to be a test facility for Smart City solutions and a showroom for new smart city initiatives. The City Lab will function as a playground for partners, a test facility for current and future EU initiatives and a place where Aarhus can develop its digital citizenship.

The primary focus areas are mobility, parking, waste, digital art & culture, events, exhibitions, public hearing, interactive installations, incentives for exercise and much more.

The City Lab is part of a new EU-project proposal focusing on OpenSmart Mobility Ecosystems. Together with Issy, Sofia, Liege and Monza, we will – if the project is accepted - create common activities in our City Lab. The City lab is also interested in collaboration with local small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups and is an opportunity for them to display their ideas.

Geographically, the City Lab will stretch from Agro Food Park in Skejby to Dokk1 at the center of Aarhus. Business clusters such as Aarhus University Hospital, Agro Food Park, IT City Katrinebjerg and Energy Hub Navitas will support the City Lab with knowledge on Food, Health, Clean tech and much more.