The Principles of Smart Aarhus

The objective of Smart Aarhus is to:

Solve or address societal challenges 
There are plenty of challenges – challenges that are basically related to a lack of resources and that cannot be handled in traditional ways. These challenges demand that we dare to act and think in alternative ways to mobilise resources that create sustainable solutions.

Strengthen the digital economy and create jobs 
The projects of Smart Aarhus aim to create better conditions for the digital economy. Smart Aarhus projects have clear business potentials and help create growth. An example is the week-long event Internet Week Denmark that celebrates and highlights the Internet economy in Denmark.

Smart Aarhus activities are characterized by:

Challenging the traditional roles of citizens, the public sector, and private enterprises
We need to create a new way of collaborating and creating public service that involves
the public sector, citizens, and the business community. Citizens and companies must
accept a higher level of responsibility. The public sector needs to create the best possible
framework for this collaboration for instance by making data available to the public.

Being open and involving stakeholders
Smart Aarhus projects include stakeholders, such as citizens, in the ongoing development
processes. This creates a democratic process that produces a more qualified outcome.

Being experimental by using pilot projects
Smart Aarhus wants to act fast, experiment, take risks, make adjustments, and grow
smarter. Pilot projects are a key as long as they are sustainable and scalable.