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Sharing Economy Experimental City 2017

The partnership deal, in which Aarhus is official experimental city of sharing economy 2017, was adopted and published at a press conference with Minister of Business, Brian Mikkelsen, and Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, january 16. 2017 as a part of the governments strategy of growth through sharing economy. Aarhus Municipal has made some specific plans and projects, which will develope the city thorughout the year.


Projects in 2017

1. Mapping of sharing economical accomodation in cohesion with Visit Aarhus.

Aarhus Municipal will in colaboration with Visit Aarhus complete an analysis, which will make an impression on how big a share, sharing economical accomodation have on tourism. The analysis will also enlighten which possibilities and possible challenges, there are with an increased use of sharing economical services in Aarhus. This way will Visit Aarhus and Aarhus Municipal be able to present a qualified recommodation on the market in Aarhus and the use of sharing economical accomodation in connection with the Culture City Aarhus 2017 and tourism season starting in may.


2. Expansion of sharing electric cars

TADAA! and Aarhus Municipal make a project colaboration about expansion of sharing electric cars in Aarhus. The vision is, that the citizens of Aarhus choose to replace 1000 conventionel cars with electric cars before the end of 2017 - and through this process create an increased focus and knowledge on electric vehicles.

The purpose is to create easy acces on sustainable transport thorugh sharing economy - and more specefic to get the citizens to replace 1000 conventionel cars i Aarhus. One sharing car can replace 4-10 conventionel cars. This will also create easier access through the city and create more parking lots.

TADAA! develope their businessmodel and maintain the electric cars in colaboration with private, business and public institutions. Aarhus Municipal create the contact with relevant user communities through the municipalitys connection with the society.


3. Sharing economy as a tool in the employment effort

The Ministry of Employment create, as a part of the govenments strategy for sharings economy, new guidelines, which will clarify, how job centres can guide receivers of unemployment security in the new rules of activities in connection with sharing economy. These guidelines will be tested and evaluated in Aarhus Municipal employment effort.


4. Citizenship - Including experiments with sharing of the municipalities own ressources

Aarhus Municipal will explore the potential of sharing economy by sharing the ressources of the municipality and by focusing on local citizen driven sharing initiatives, there create attractive parts of the city and strengthen the colaboration in Aarhus. Aarhus Municipal works, for example, on making public spaces available for the citizens - For example Øhaverne at Aarhus Ø and Culture Work Space.


5. Sharing Economy Festival

Aarhus Munical created an one-day festival, where experts, sharing economy businesses, citizens and other actives were invited to meat other initiatives and get an overview of the many sharing economy possibilities. The purpose on the festival was to give businesses and citizens insight in the many perks of sharing economy and by that mean create transparens and trust in the use of sharing economy. The festival was 21. of august and is expected to be an annual event. 

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