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Sharing Economy Festival

Sharing Economy Festival 2017 was a part of Aarhus as a trial city on sharing economy in 2017. The festival takes place at Søren Frichsvej in Aarhus in collaboration with Givismevejen the 21. of august. The festival gathers professional businesses and private persons in all ages. It is a day in informal surroundings with signifikant themes and debates, funny activities and exiting talks, where you can get an answer to all questions concerning sharing economy and learn what possibilities sharing economy give the society.

Sharing economy is a tool to maintain and develope a sustainable welfare society and at the same time contribute to the development in Denmark. Among other themes this is what the festival is about. The festival will make sharing economy palpable and specific for new citizens and businesses, and investigate how to realise the potentials in form of partnerships and models, challenge existing practice, and show examples of new practices through activities and workshops. Sharing economy festival is a Smart Aarhus project, which will secure a sustainable development in the municipality of Aarhus.

Two tracks
There will a conference at a folk festival:

The conference has a national focus and will through keynotes and debates focus on sharing economy.

The folk festival will have a wide range debates, streetfood, installation, market and possibility to makes meetings and workshops.

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Contact Line Gerstrand, lgk@aarhus.dk, if you have any questions or will contribute.

It is expected to be an annual event.