Aarhus City Lab

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility is an Aarhus-based project that tries to solve the problems of increasing urban traffic in the city brought on by the city’s growth, by making various behaviour affecting projects. The goal is to get insight on how citizens behave in traffic and to explore alternative ways of making urban traffic more effective and sustainable.

The Smart Aarhus principle of user involvement is deeply integrated in Smart Mobility’s approach.  Smart Mobility does not focus on long-term infrastructure projects, but on low-cost solutions that can be put into practice quickly in small scale, but can be upscaled if the project works successfully. The user-oriented model makes it possible to realize ideas based on every-day experiences of citizens, and it potentially creates greater awareness about how to behave in traffic in an effective way.

The user oriented model makes it possible to develop projects based on the inhabitants everyday life, and create awareness how to change transport behavior from a citizen perspective.

Smart Mobility runs from 2014 to 2017 and is funded by the City of Aarhus and the Danish Transport Authority.