Aarhus City Lab


OrganiCity is a collaborative EU project between leading smart cities in Europe. It aims at making future cities more sustainable by combining citizen-driven innovation and digital technology. The project wants to take advantage of the productive potential in the fact that the population will double by 2050. By putting people at the centre of city development, the population growth can become the answer to the same challenge it creates.

Smart Aarhus’ approach of engaging stakeholders in city development lies at the core of Organicity. Citizen participation and co-creation are central concepts, and for this reason 1.8 million Euro has been allocated through open calls directly to user-driven projects at the initiative of citizen groups, organisations, authorities and companies.

OrganiCity is financed by Horizon 2020 – an EU Programme for Research and Innovation -, and has a budget of 7.2 million Euro. It runs for three years starting in 2014 and is a collaboration between three leading smart cities; Aarhus (Denmark), London (UK) and Santander (Spain) along with a total of 15 consortium members