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Visit by Markku Markkula President of the European Committee of Regions

On 7 July, Markku Markkula, the President of the European Committee of Regions, visited the Region of Central Denmark and Aarhus. 

The program was well-packed, which started at the Rethink Village in Djursland, focusing on the future of villages and the 'Bridge between Generations' initiative. 

Next, the trip went to Godsbanen and the Institut for X, where Markku Markkula got a tour guide and got an insight into the production center and the grassroot laboratory for urban development. The next stop was Dokk1, where Vice Mayor Marc Perrera Christensen welcomed Markku Markkula and together with Rolf Hapel, Head of Public Service and Libraries, gave a toured guide of Dokk1.On the tour they had a debate on the re-thinking of public spaces and libraries as the driving force for innovation and citizens' engagement. 

The trip continued to the Center for Innovation in Aarhus (CFiA), where Bo Fristed, chief of ITK and CFiA, presented Markku Markkula for Aarhus Smart City strategy and development, which largely includes a strong co-creation partnership between citizens, authorities, private companies and the knowledge institutions. Aarhus University also presented for Markku Markkula about their future strategy, and the Region of central Denmark presented the driving force behind the region's growth and development. 

At the presentations, the robot Norma Pepper also attended and as usual attracted herself some attention. Subsequently, the trip went to the Climate Planet, where a huge globe conveys climate change and challenges on our planet.  

In the end of the program, Markku Markkula experienced Aarhus city from the seaside with the Sea Rangers and gained insight into the development of the city and the docklands and the profound culture in Aarhus for change and cooperation, dating back to the Viking age. 


For more information contact:

International Innovation Lead - Louise Overgaard: mlog@aarhus.dk 


In the picture below are Markku Markkula, Taina Tukiainen, Marc Perrera Christensen, Theresa Blegvad, Kirstine Bille, Johnny Laursen, Martin Brynskov, Adriënne Heijnen, Pia Fabrin, Bo Fristed and Louise Overgaard. Visiting ITK (Innovation, Technology and Creativity).