Aarhus City Lab

Smart Living 2018: The good life

How will Smart City create growth in the danish municipalities - not just on the bottom line, but also on parametres as sustainability, life quality and service level? 

A lot of municipalities in Denmark work with Smart City and more Smart City project a more to come. But what is the core value of these projects for the city, the citizens and the businesses? And how do we secure Smart City not just is technology for the technology it self, but really contributes to create af better city for the citizens?

Thats some of the questions the conference "Smart City - Smart Living 2018: The good life" will focus on, whet gate 21 and NRGi gathers regions, municipalities and businesses from all over the country to a day with exciting talks from in- and outer country.

The conference takes place at Docken, Færgehavnen 25, 2150 Nordhavn, Cph, Thursday the 8. of February, 9.00-17.00. There are 200 seats.