Aarhus City Lab

Sharing Economy Festival 2017

Søren Frichs Vej in Aarhus was Monday the 21. of august the scene of Sharing Economy Festival 2017. Approximately 300 people participated in the morning in a conference, there by the afternoon turned into a peoples festival, where all interested could experience conversations and involve them self in debates and learn about the perks of sharing economy.

The minister of business, Brian Mikkelsen, and the mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, inaugurated Sharing Economy Festival Monday morning in the light of the summer sun. People in the crowed enjoyed a coffee and a bite of bread whilst hearing the opening speeches. The two politicians told, sharing economy is the way we should think new citizenship, and that it is an important part of the global sustainable change. Right after some of the most successful start-ups in Denmark, such as GoMore and Reshopper, and foreign experts like Boyd Cohen, who is specialized in sharing economy and urban development, held their presentations. The many participants of the festival both got inspiration and learned about the underlying mechanisms of a successful new start-up.

In the afternoon the conference was to all interested. The program contained for example debates with Airbnb and events with Circular by Design, where you could disassemble smartphones and madrassas apart to understand, how we can recycle appliances and thereby reduce overspending in the society. It was also possible to hear some music by Ragtime or Robert Snider, watch a magic show with your children, knit blankets to people in need, or shop cloth in the second-hand shop. If you needed it, you could take a rest in one of the many bean bags on Givismevejen and listen to a talk about reuse or read a book found in Deloteket – a shop where you can give your books to someone for free. Throughout the day you could buy yourself food and beverages from one of the food trucks from Kødbyens Mad & Marked.

More than 1000 people came by the Sharing Economy Festival.