Aarhus City Lab

Open Data DK conference

Open Data DK will at the 29. of november make an inspiration- and dialogue conference in collaboration with The Danish Business Authority, Danish Regions and KL, where everyone interested in the public can discuss the use of open, public data. 

The purpose of the conference is to create a dialogue between the data owners - the public authorities - and the data users and all other data interested. For the participants of the conference there will be a possibility to talk, knowledge share and corporate at a workshop, as well as hear talks from LassoX, Deloitte, and many more. The conference will hopefully inspire to work with public data af create more.

On the conference there will be two tracks. One with focus on food and agriculture, and one with focus on transport and mobility. There will be different talks and possibility to discuss among the participants afterwords.

There will also be a data café with focus on creating dialogue between data owners and who is interested. The data owners will stand along some tables, and the participants of the conference will have the possibility to go around between them about their ideas and thoughts of the subject.

The target group is the public authorities, businesses, start-ups, and who is interested in open data. It will takes place in Odeon, Odense, and is from 930 until 1500 the same day. You can read more here.