Aarhus City Lab

Nordic Smart City Network raises four million Norwegian crowns for a common living lab

The Nordic Urban living labs project brings together all 5 Nordic countries with a goal of exploring the vast Nordic potential to extend the Nordic brand of liveable city development. Living labs and the ability to test and validate smart urban solutions hold are highly sought for by private enterprises and investors but come with a need for scalability and standardization. 

The focus of the project will be to develop best practices for living labs and urban development. By combining labs in the five Nordic countries and establish the best practices and shared potentials, new possibilities such as scalability for Nordic innovative companies and to attract global investment. 


The project has duration for 22 Months and will:

Establish a web based platform for communication and cooperation

Add Nordic best practice to innovative projects in minimum 5 cities

Arrange five workshops  (in all countries) for the cities for knowledge transfer

Present solutions from the project at relevant events like Barcelona Smart City Expo, NY Smart City, Nordic Edge in Stavanger


A living lab is an important tool for start-ups as well as larger organisations. The harbour square in Aarhus is an example of a living lab, where different kind of knowledge is collected – number of visiting people, what they´re doing, time of staying at the place, etc. This data is accessible for any interested, which means that organizations do not have to make their own explorations in their business development, and living labs therefore is the foundation of a more rapid growth.

The different cities in the Nordic Smart City Network are on many ways comparable and therefore it is both relevant and important to share knowledge about solutions through the borders.

The City of Aarhus will make a platform for knowledge sharing according to the common project.