Aarhus City Lab

New Nordic Smart City Network

At december 18th 2017 representatives from all five nordic countries met at a workshop in Copenhagen, where the goals for the future Smart City was discussed. It was the first meeting in a new collaboration, where nordic cities will work together in the development of Smart Cities. At the meeting there were representatives from Aarhus, Copenhagen, Vejle, Aalborg, Odense, Bergen, Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger, Reykjavik, Baerum, Tromso og Kristiansand.

It was discussed how the cities can collaborate and use the knowledge each city collect. On that focus in a common Letter of Intent, it was adopted to go on further with four focus areas, and commes values, which will bear the collaboration in the future.  

Knowledge Sharing – The nordic cities have both size and structure in common and therefore they can learn from each others experiences each should have. Knowledge sharing can e.g. be peer-to-peer learning.

Collaboration – Make a common standard for collecting data, where most cities already use OASC. It can also be in collaboration in different projects e.g. mobility and innovation.

Common Nordic Brand – The cities will make a common nordic brand, which represent our common values within the cities - E.g. sustainability and always having the citizens in focus.

Creating common proposals for Nordic and EU programs – Boosting common interest and activities and increase our success in fundraising, which each city will benefit from.

To maintain the collaboration, and commit each other, the cities has signed a "Letter of Intent", which secure that the goals will be succeeded and all work together. Copenhagen, Aarhus and Oslo will in nearest future work on different scenarios for how the network best can be organised, and it is expected that the network in near spring will adopt the new organisation, in which the collaboration can be formalised. Next specific step is a common application, where the cities propose funding as development of e.g. business models for nordic city labs as Aarhus City Lab and Copenhagen Street Lab. The application has a budget at 4 million and will be delivered at Nordic Innovation with a deadline on February 8.