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Here is the programme for "High Tech - Human Touch"

As the digital and technological development keep affecting every organisation, the focus on whether automatisation and artificial intelligens really matter for our labour and future competences is questioned more and more. Will there be enough jobs for everybody, and what skills do we need in the future? 

That question exactly will be tried answered by More Creative and Aarhus University at the conference "High Tech - Human Touch" in Aarhus at December 7.. 

The conference "High Tech - Human Touch" enlightens the future need for variuos competences in a digital age. Through the programme a wide specter of experts, thinkers and practicers will give their sight on why human, creative and  social competences are pivotal components for the future growth, entrepreneurship and business development.   

At the conference it´s possible to hear domestic profiles and experts from abroad about their experiences from both business life and university. There will be leading profiles from companies as Lego, GoMore, University of Californaia and many more.

Everybody can participate. The conference is free and the programm, more information about the speakers, and subscribing can be done here.

It's worth noticing theres already more than 300 participants and not many tickets left.