Aarhus City Lab

Aarhus part of a new Nordic Smart City Network

Last week Smart Aarhus was part of the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger, Norway. Besides getting a global insight into Smart City development, Aarhus was confirmed in being far in the development of Smart Cities. Along with the other Nordic countries we are very digitalized countries and we are good at developing our cities in close collaboration with businesses, academia and the citizens. The Nordic Cities are very similar and can gain a lot from learning from each other’s experiences.

Therefore the first steps towards creating a Nordic smart city network were taken. This first meeting explored whether there was an interest from the other Nordic Cities to participate in Network activities. The Danish CityPack collaboration had taken the initiative to have the meeting and in Stavanger we where represented by Copenhagen Solutions Lab, the City of Aalborg and the City of Aarhus At the meeting there where representatives from Helsinki, Tampere, Stavanger, Oslo and Stockholm also participated. We hope that more cities will follow.

The cities agreed to work closer together and go further with a network of the Nordic Smart Cities, where we will share insights, create common projects, focus on export and work on creating a Nordic Smart City market.

The next step is to create a common “letter of intent” that will set the framework for a common Nordic collaboration. We hope to be able to present the Network at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona in November.