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Digital Innovation Festival 2019


This event was a part of 'Digital Spring 2019' which was also consisting of:
IWDK 2019 & IoT Week 2019


Digital Innovation Festival was a festival of Aarhus University that celebrates digital innovation among students, researchers and the industry by gathering a variety of events into a single week. It consists of AU Hack, a set of high profile workshops, a two-day conference about cutting edge research and appliance of new knowledge in the industry and Kday – a career day for candidates within the IT-sector.


About the Activities of Digital Innovation Festival



AUHack is Denmark’s largest hackathon for students interested in IT. The hackathon is a 36-hour long marathon where students bring their creativity and skills into play. AUHack gathers national and international students interested in IT in order to spend a weekend competing to create the most innovative solution to a number of challenges. Students meet, form groups and work intensively to create awesome prototypes and concepts. The objective for the weekend is to come up with new ideas, play with technology and make cool stuff!


Knowledge workshops

Monday and Tuesday there will be a number of knowledge workshops, where students, researchers and people from the industry will be able to participate in a deep-dive about a technical topic. Examples could be IoT, Artificial Intelligence, entrepreneurship, Cloud Computing or a similar topic. Knowledge institutions and commercial players alike organize workshops.


Digital Research Conference

Industry and research will join together to present their latest digital research and innovation.

In this two-day conference about cutting edge research and appliance of new knowledge in the industry.



Kday is one of Denmark’s largest career fairs. IT students can meet 50 different companies looking to recruit candidates with excellent IT skills. Katrinebjerg Karrieredag (Kday) is one of Denmark’s largest career fairs focusing on jobs, careers and future prospects for candidates within the IT industry. The event is aimed at IT students at Aarhus University, and usually 600-700 students from Aarhus University and 50+ companies participate in the event. Kday provides a unique opportunity for IT students to meet several IT companies looking to recruit candidates for open positions.


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