Aarhus City Lab

Aarhus 2017

European Capital of Culture

Aarhus has been appointed European Capital of Culture in 2017 (Aarhus 2017). The title European Capital of Culture represents one of the most prestigious and prominent cultural events in Europe. Aarhus 2017 is supported by Central Denmark Region and all the municipalities in the region.

The theme for Aarhus 2017 is ”RETHINK”
The theme emerged as a result of input from more than 8,000 residents, and it reflects the unique strengths of Aarhus and Central Denmark Region. A comprehensive survey revealed a large number of creative clusters in Aarhus and the region, and Aarhus 2017 aims to harness this creativity in every way possible. 

The event should be a free space to experiment and rethink the way we live. RETHINK means that we build on what currently exists, while also exploring how things can be done differently. The theme RETHINK provides Aarhus with the opportunity to create a ”cultural laboratory” in the whole region, where innovation and alternative solutions can develop. 

Aarhus 2017 and Smart Aarhus
Aarhus 2017 is more than an art and culture project. The project will include a focus on urban development, integration, business development, tourism, infrastructure and international collaboration, and it aims to facilitate engagement and participation across all existing clusters and networks. This aligns very well with the Smart Aarhus mindset of developing the future city in partnerships that go cross sectors and existing boundaries. The digital initiatives in Aarhus such as digital art were a vital part of the 2017 bid, and several Smart Aarhus projects support and collaborate with Aarhus 2017 including projects like The Media Architecture Biennale and Internet Week Denmark.